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If You want to support or reward my work.

Below there are a few options (most in cryptcurrency).

Steem Power Delegation

I would be very happy if You would barrow me the Steem Power. It will allow me to expand my develop progress a litle better, with biger voice range. Remember that SP remains Yours all the time and you can undelegate it at any time. If You use DCR Tools, I will allways try to visit Your stream as my power will increase :). Your delegation is a kind of investment, when my account will receive returns from upvots, some of them will come back to You!

delegate 50 SP delegate 100 SP delegate 200 SP delegate 500 SP delegate 1000 SP
You can chose Your own amout here.

Steem Dolar$ Donation

If You prefer a one-time reward to support my work, You can choose one of the buttons below, or enter your own amount in steemit wallet / send and sand it to @zygibo. My goal is to gather great voice power on this Steemit account. Then I want to upvote streamers who support this initiative and my applications!

 donate 1 SBD    donate 5 SBD    donate 10 SBD    donate 50 SBD    donate 100 SBD  

PayPal donations


Special thanks to my top supporters!


Allso for People that motivate me to work: